SIG Teleconferences bring a small group of buy-side attendees together for an interactive discussion on procurement, outsourcing and sourcing topics.


August 10, 2016

1:00 PM EST

Aligning Strategy, Organizational Objectives and Human Capital Development

Presented by: Mark Pollack, Vice President, SIG University and Elijah Condellone, Solutions Director, SIG University

An organization must successfully forecast the trends within its industry and design a strategy that will provide a profitable direction. Once the plan is formed, departments develop actionable objectives for their employees to execute based on the vision of that strategy. There are multiple layers of development before the “rubber meets the road” and the plan is “hopefully” executed.
We will discuss why strategy development must include conversations around employee competencies and skills gaps to move from “hopefully” to “properly” executed plans. Additionally, we will look at the various resources available for quick employee development and motivation that will help get your company’s strategy over the finish line.

What is a Town Hall Teleconference?

A Town Hall is a lively discussion by way of conference call with a limited number of buy-side SIG members. These open-mic teleconferences offer a secure environment to benchmark with peers and ask candid questions related to the event topic. Open to SIG buy-side members on a first-come first-serve basis, these teleconferences are very interactive and packed with insightful concepts and immediately implementable ideas.We encourage you to discuss and share openly. The success of these calls is directly correlated to the interactivity of those participating.

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