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The New American Workforce
How the "GIG" Economy Is Reshaping Work
The Ten Tensions Powering
Innovation in Sourcing
A Roadmap to GBS Success:
Enabling Agile Global Business Services
John Sculley Dr. Chris Wasden Atul Vashistha
John Sculley
Former Apple CEO and Pepsi-Cola President,
and Chairman, PeopleTicker
Dr. Chris Wasden
Sorenson Center for Discovery and Innovation
University of Utah
Atul Vashistha
Chairman & CEO
Neo Group
A Pot of Gold: Adding Business Value Beyond Cost Savings
Russ Bulman Kristian O'Meara
Russ Bulman
VP, Corporate Center of Excellence
Walter Investment Management Corporation
Kristian O'Meara
Managing Director
BravoSolution Americas
A Fireside Chat on Outsourcing and More
Jamie Liddell Eleanor Winn
Jamie Liddell
Editor, Outsource Magazine
and Head of EMEA, SIG
Eleanor Winn
Managing Director