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David Natoff
David Natoff
Head of Procure to Pay
Bernd Huber
Bernd Huber
Manager Sourcing Center of Excellence


Kevin Parikh

Kevin Parikh
Founder and Global CEO

Danny Ertel

Danny Ertel
Founding Partner
Vantage Partners





Sourcing Services to LatAm: Is Offshoring Now Taboo?

Thursday, March 16 - 12:20 PM

Now more than ever before, there is a spotlight on outsourcing, and more specifically offshoring. While one argument suggests that the U.S. keep all manufacturing onshore, most in the industry recognize the importance of exploring offshore and nearshore alternatives in order to reduce costs and enhance value. Latin America is growing in prominence in its partnership with U.S companies for its IT/BPO services. This panel discussion will focus on the benefits of offshoring to LatAm and will address common questions like, what are the key services to partner with Latin American companies for? What are the benefits LatAm brings versus other global regions? Why is it critical for U.S. companies to diversify and strategically adopt LatAm as an IT/BPO partner?


KEYNOTE SPEAKERS David Natoff and Bernd Huber

Moving the Sphere of Influence

Tuesday, March 14 - 9:15 AM

In today’s vernacular, people "Google" things when they want to learn more. In this case, you'll have to be physically present for this session in which Google will provide an overview on their Procurement team’s journey to becoming a trusted partner and the guardian of value across the business. This session will highlight different options for governance and spend policy structures in order to deliver comprehensive sourcing strategies, reach significantly higher spend, better align in a holistic view with Finance and hold business teams accountable for delivering opportunities within their area. Two of Google's innovative executives and team leaders will offer insightful viewpoints and share lessons learned while managing competing priorities in a dynamic environment.

David Natoff
Head of Procure to Pay

David Natoff heads Google's Procure to Pay team and has been with the company since the beginning of 2006. Split between Mountain View, California and Dublin, Ireland, David leads an international team responsible for paying the bills, sourcing great suppliers and helping Googlers travel to wherever they need to be. David has over twenty years of experience in indirect procurement & finance operations spending the last fifteen years working in the Technology sector. David's current focus is the pursuit of operational excellence and he can often be found chanting the mantra 'eliminate…automate...outsource…'.

Bernd Huber
Manager Sourcing Center of Excellence

Based in Munich, Dr. Bernd Huber heads Google's global Sourcing Center of Excellence, and has been with the company since the beginning of 2007. Bernd has twenty years of experience in procurement and supply chain. Prior to Google, Bernd was a senior consultant in the National Institute for Transport and Logistics, where he provided expertise in logistics and operations management matters. Bernd is widely published and his research interests are particularly based on global eBusiness adoption drivers and their impact on key performance indicators.




Tuesday, March 14 - 9:00 am

A variety of technologies such as cloud, big data, social, mobile, cognitive computing and the Internet of Things are enabling entirely new approaches to business strategy and the creation of unparalleled customer value across many verticals. This presentation will highlight four major "digital disciplines"--information excellence, solution leadership, collective intimacy and accelerated innovation--that leaders such as GE, Nike, Procter & Gamble, Netflix and Burberry are currently using. Information excellence complements and supplants operational excellence; solution leadership connects products and services to the cloud and enables new business models; collective intimacy uses algorithms to enable personalization and contextualization; and accelerated innovation is the evolution of open innovation to global networks of solvers. This keynote will start the conversation on how IT is different and why it’s important that you understand these digital disciplines.

Joe Weinman
Cloudonomics and Digital Disciplines

Joe Weinman is the author of Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing and the Amazon #1 Hot New Release in Computers and Technology, Digital Disciplines: Attaining Market Leadership via the Cloud, Big Data, Social, Mobile, and the Internet of Things. He is also a contributor to Regulating the Cloud and a forthcoming Springer textbook on big data applications. Joe is the Cloud Economics editor for IEEE Cloud Computing magazine, and has contributed to numerous print and online publications such as Forbes, InformationWeek, Wired and CIO. A long time industry executive, he has held leadership positions at AT&T Bell Labs, AT&T corporate, HP and Telx, a data center and co-location provider. He has been awarded 22 patents in a variety of technologies, including cloud and distributed computing, mobile telephony, encryption and voice and data networks. He has a BS and MS from Cornell University and UW-Madison, respectively, and has completed executive education at the International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne.





Procurement negotiation strategies are mostly about leverage: how to get more, how to use what you have and how to take theirs away. But in a world where we must deliver competitive advantage and not just cost savings, being able to help suppliers succeed provides even greater leverage than the ability to impose costs or take away revenue. What does it take to become a customer of choice, and is it worth it?

Danny Ertel
Founding Partner
Vantage Partners

Danny Ertel is a founding partner of Vantage Partners, where his practice focuses on negotiating and managing strategic relationships, in particular those involving complex and professional services. Danny has co-authored four books, the latest of which is The Point of the Deal: How to Negotiate when Implementation Matters. Previously, Danny was a partner at Conflict Management, Inc., a senior researcher at the Harvard Negotiation Project, an attorney with Debevoise & Plimpton and a clerk to the Honorable Justice Harry A. Blackmun of the US Supreme Court.




Wednesday, March 15 - 12:10pm

Innovative digital technologies have a transformational impact on business and society. How can organizations remain relevant in the Digital Age? In this session, sourcing thought leader Kevin Parikh, Founder and Global CEO of Avasant, will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing different industries in the new age of digital disruption. He will explore topics such as: how digital is changing today’s workforce across various industries; how corporations can compete against disruptive innovation; how rapidly businesses are embracing digital transformation; who the digital customer actually is and how he/she is different from a traditional customer; how the sourcing and procurement functions are impacted by digital technologies; and more.

Kevin Parikh
Founder and Global CEO

Kevin Parikh is a noted expert and thought leader on digital and business transformation. He has published numerous widely distributed whitepapers, articles and texts on the subject and authored a book on digital enterprise transformation. Kevin advises both private and public sector clients on risk management, corporate governance and service and vendor negotiations. Prior to joining Avasant, Kevin led the Global Sourcing practice for Gartner Consulting. He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of California Davis and received his J.D. from American University.





In this session, contract talent thought leader Gene Zaino, President and CEO of MBO Partners, and Dawn Tiura, CEO of SIG, will discuss the rise of self-sourcing and what it means for the traditional services supply chain. Specifically, the session will provide an overview of how enterprises are streamlining their talent supply chains by leveraging independent workforce trends that enable self-sourcing talent directly. Audience members will have the chance to submit questions for the experts to answer.

Topics may include:

  • The rise of the independent workforce
  • Uncovering savings by flattening key segments of your services supply chain
  • Cloud-based platforms that enable efficient direct-to-talent access
  • Talent marketplaces vs. preferred and private talent networks
  • The need for compliant contract talent engagement and risk mitigation
  • The competitive advantage of becoming a client of choice
  • Futureproofing your contract talent strategy

Gene Zaino
President and CEO
MBO Partners

Gene Zaino, an accomplished and nationally recognized expert in the contract workforce market, launched MBO Partners to re-invent the way independent consultants and organizations work together. Zaino is a major force in the development of best practices for independent consultant engagement tools that support workplace independence. He is a frequent speaker and has appeared in publications, radio and television including CNN, CNBC, Forbes, Harvard Business Review and The Wall Street Journal.





News stories about major data breaches have become increasingly common. Companies that are suffering from these breaches range from small startups to major multi-national corporations and even Federal government institutions. The blame gets pinned on a variety of actors including "hacktivists," foreign governments and organized crime groups. Meanwhile, IT staff are dealing with vulnerability scan and penetration test report results containing long lists of susceptibilities with obscure names like: DoS, RCE, XSS and SQLi. We're told that these vulnerabilities make our networks and applications insecure and that they put us at risk of being the next company in the headlines…but how does it all fit together and what does it really mean?

This session will help executives better understand the real-world risks that IT security teams warn us about. We will run through the most common types of vulnerabilities, the potential consequences, who is exploiting them and what we can do to prevent them. We will show some real-world scenarios and a live hacking demonstration of how these vulnerabilities contribute to actual breaches and the strategic steps that can be taken to minimize the damage.

Chris Camejo
NTT Com Security

Christopher Camejo leads the risk assessment, threat and vulnerability analysis efforts at NTT Com Security, including ethical hacking and compliance. Camejo has more than 17 years of security experience beginning in managed security services before moving on to start the NTT Com Security U.S. ethical hacking team and GRC practice. He has coordinated and conducted numerous large-scale, multi-discipline penetration tests and PCI assessments for NTT Com Security's global clients.

As part of NTT Com Security's threat intelligence capabilities, Chris follows the latest tactics and techniques of attackers and has conducted presentations on this topic at Computerworld Expo and the United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force.

Often his commentary has been featured in television and print information security news media, including; CBS Evening News, NBC News, CNN Money, USA Today, CSO Magazine, Secure Computing Magazine, Network Computing Magazine and CRN.




THURSDAY, October 20 - 3:40 PM

Over the past 18-24 months, the importance of third party risk management has escalated, ballooning into a top five issue at the C-Suite level in every major industry in the country. Our expert panel of thought leaders will share their insights and real-world experiences in this lively discussion, moderated by recognized subject matter expert Linda Tuck Chapman, CPO Emeritus.

An esteemed group of panelists will help you understand the context for change, key risk drivers, the four cornerstones of effective risk management and how to add value to your business partners and key stakeholders.

Third party risk management: so much to learn, so much to do, and so much pressure to get it right. Now.

Linda Tuck Chapman
President and CPO Emeritus
ONTALA Performance Management

Linda Tuck Chapman, President ONTALA Performance Management and CPO Emeritus is a widely recognized expert in third party risk management, outsourcing governance and sourcing optimization. Her unique insight and expertise is built on her experience as Chief Procurement Officer in three of North America's largest banks, including BMO Financial Group, Fifth Third Bank and Scotiabank Group. Linda has also served as President & CEO, Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace.

As an experienced practitioner and subject matter expert, Linda works closely with Crowe Horwath Global Risk Consulting to deliver third party risk management services. She is the RMA's third party risk management subject matter expert, facilitator and member of the Roundtable Steering Committee. Linda is a member of Shared Assessments Group Advisory Board and Board Education sub-Committee; third-term Chair, SIG Sourcing Resource Center Thought Leaders Council; long-serving Judge, Outsourcing Center's Global Outsourcing Excellence Awards; Member, CIO Executive Leadership Council (UK); and Lecturer, the Center for Outsourcing Research and Education.

Linda holds an MBA (Financial Services), Dalhousie University and is a Medalist and Fellow of the Institute for Bankers. She is a popular industry speaker, widely published and a regulator contributor to leading industry publications including the Wall Street Risk Journal and the RMA Risk Journal.

Mark DeLuca
Senior Vice President

Mark has spent over two decades in the enterprise software market. At Hiperos, Mark is responsible for driving revenue growth and building a world-class sales organization.

Prior to Hiperos, Mark built and ran the Eastern Region sales team at Aravo, a supplier information management software company. At Aravo, Mark's team increased the company-wide subscription revenue by over 75%. Prior to Aravo, Mark was a senior manager in Accenture's business process outsourcing sales organization. Before joining Accenture, Mark spent seven years at Ariba, where he was consistently one of the top-producing account executives. Prior to Ariba, Mark was at PeopleSoft. Mark's sales career started at ADP where, during his 12-year tenure, he made President's Club every quota-carrying year.

Mark holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and English from Rutgers University.

James H. (Jim) Gellert
Chairman and CEO
Rapid Ratings

James H. Gellert is chairman and CEO of Rapid Ratings International, the leading provider of quantitative financial health ratings and risk management solutions. He led the team that acquired Rapid Ratings in February 2007 after being CEO of numerous technology and information-focused companies and co-founder and managing partner of Howland Securities LLC, a boutique investment bank focused on the financial information and technology markets. Before moving into the entrepreneurial world, Mr. Gellert began his career in investment banking, most recently running the group at Deutsche Bank that brought non-US corporations, financial institutions and sovereign entities into the US capital markets.

Mr. Gellert is a respected advocate for rating industry reform and frequent guest speaker at financial and risk management conferences. He is featured regularly in publications including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Reuters, and is a frequent guest on networks such as Bloomberg TV, Fox Business Network, CNBC and Business News Network in Canada.

Mr. Gellert has testified to both the Senate and House of Representatives on multiple occasions about topics such as Ratings Industry reform, Dodd-Frank and specific failures such as MF Global. Mr. Gellert has also appeared as a guest of the Securities and Exchange Commission on several occasions as well as to IOSCO (International Organization of Securities Commissioners).

Mr. Gellert studied Asian Studies and Japanese at Connecticut College and Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan.

Rohan Ranadive
Senior Vice President and Third Party Program Group Manager

Rohan is a senior executive with over 20 years of leadership success in banking, financial services, information technology and management consulting, bringing together a balance of thought leadership and execution to deliver operational efficiencies. During his last ten years at BB&T, Rohan has held various leadership roles in Global Sourcing, Procurement and Third Party Risk Management. In his current role, Rohan is responsible for building an integrated Finance and Risk function that balances value and risk from Third Party Relationships.

Rohan holds an MBA from Wake Forest University and is a graduate of the Stonier School of Banking and the Wharton Leadership program.

David England

David leads Alsbridge's Vendor Management and Governance Services practice. He has more than 25 years of experience in information technology outsourcing, with expertise in vendor management, governance, change management and strategic advisory. David has worked with a number of global enterprises to support RFP development, provider selection, retained organization design, vendor governance and obligation management. Before joining Alsbridge, David had account management responsibilities at EDS and was a Business Process Reengineering consultant at A.T. Kearney.