SIG Innovation Accelerator


The SIG Innovation Accelerator (SIA) combines the collective knowledge and strengths of SIG’s buy-side companies to create new products and evaluate meritorious mid-stage products in the Source through Supply Chain (SSC) space. SIA is driven by its Leadership Council, comprised of 24 member CPOs.  

To help ensure a robust pipeline of innovative products, SIA also works with select mid-stage and earlier-stage providers to assist them in product development and market penetration. SIA works with SIG members to find and fill gaps in technology that can help the C-Suite drive strategic impact, improve profits and mitigate risk. In turn, SIA help these emerging technologies accelerate their acceptance in the market by assisting them in their development cycle with real time industry feedback

The first opportunity to interact with SIA will be at the SIG Global Summit in March 2018, where a small group of pre-screened emerging providers are invited to present their technology one-at-a-time in 30 minute windows to buy-side members in the audience. Participants will be exposed to innovative and possibly disruptive products that can help shape the future of Procurement. For more information, contact Barry Wiegler at

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SIA is focused on:

  • Identifying, evaluating and selectively facilitating development of new S2P products.  At the discretion of SIA’s Leadership Council, products that serve other areas may be included
  • Evaluating and rating especially interesting mid-stage products as well as facilitating special pricing and terms for SIG’s members
  • Coaching, educating and assisting select early-stage providers on how to efficiently succeed with F1000 companies



SIA is a partnership between Sourcing Industry Group and Creatze, an innovation and product facilitation company led by Barry Wiegler, founder and former CEO of SIG.  For further information about SIA and how your company can participate, please contact Barry Wiegler at