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Avasant, industry recognized management consulting firm, has recently launched the Value Leakage Rapid Assessment (VLRA) — a quick, online diagnostic of your company's current managed services contracts. In today's complex global business environment, managing contracts and supplier accountability is necessary for improving operational efficiency and realizing value. Diverse requirements, complex global services ecosystems, and geographically distributed third party suppliers make it increasingly difficult for organizations to manage complex contracts and enforce supplier accountability. Collectively, these factors can result in firms losing 30-60% of the desired value from their sourcing engagements.

Avasant's VLRA is designed to quickly help you identify likely areas in which you may be losing value in your current contracts. The goal of the VLRA is to identify indicators of value leakage in the five key competencies of sourcing contract management: performance, financial, relationship, contract management and risk/compliance. The findings of the survey are organized into a comprehensive report to be personally reviewed by Avasant with the client's stakeholders.

SIG Members are eligible to receive:

  • 50% discount (up to $10,000 value) on the Value Leakage Rapid Assessment

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Denali Group - is pleased to provide several special offers to SIG members. The first is for two free Market Intelligence Reports specifically designed for sourcing professionals. This comprehensive, category-specific market intelligence helps sourcing professionals develop high-impact sourcing strategies, mitigate risks and understand important market trends affecting their spend categories. Through their Recruiting & Staffing group, Denali also recognizes that today' s maturing procurement organizations need candidates with refined backgrounds and "soft skills" such as leadership, communication and relationship building. Denali is committed to finding candidates that meet these needs through their direct hire recruiting for permanent placement and staff augmentation offering for project-based client needs.

SIG Members are eligible to receive:

  • Access to Denali's Market Intelligence for Facilities Management and Application Software categories, supplemented with quarterly updates
  • One additional FREE report with the purchase of any additional report
  • subscriptions (buy one, get one of your choice + those that are included = $15,000 value)

  • 15% discount off of standard direct hire placement fees

For more information email Geoff Talbot.

SIG buy-side members now have the opportunity for a complimentary membership in the Global Digital Innovation Council (GDIC). The GDIC brings together the innovation leaders from buy-side organizations to periodically share best practices and approaches to implementing digital innovation in business and society. GDIC members collaborate on projects/initiatives using advanced approaches such as Design Thinking to solve issues and opportunities of common interest. SIG is the Anchor Association Member supporting the GDIC.

To view a recent SIG Webinar about the GDIC and learn how your organization can get involved, click here.

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Global Sourcing Optimization Services (GSOS) has developed the Sourcing Relationship Health CheckTM that is compliant with the new ISO 37-500 Outsourcing Standards. The Health Check process uses a rapid 360o assessment identifying the strengths and opportunities for improvement in any type of outsourcing or shared service center relationship. Health Checks have been performed worldwide with Fortune 1000 across all industries.

  • In 2016, Health Check Fees for SIG buy-side members are waived. That's a savings of up to $7,500 per Health Check. (SIG sell-side members are responsible for their Health Check Advisory Support Fees.)

To view a SIG webinar about National Bank of Canada's experience performing Sourcing Relationship Health Checks click here

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NelsonHall, a leading global BPO and outsourcing analyst firm has recently launched its NEAT outsourcing vendor shortlist analysis tool. The tool is designed with sourcing ROI in mind and allows strategic sourcing managers and operational executives to focus on decision-making rather than information collection. The NEAT tool combines "speed-to-source" with the depth and objectivity of information for which NelsonHall is known. The tool is interactive and integrated with NelsonHall content and enables sourcing managers to evaluate vendor suitability across multiple scenarios and business situations specific to their organization.

SIG Buy-Side members are eligible for 6 months of free access (a $30,000+ value) of the Vendor Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT). Please click here to view NEAT Tool video overview.

Experience NelsonHall's NEAT with SIG

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Peopleticker provides clients with instant access to real-time compensation data, benchmarks and analysis for hiring permanent and contract workers in any industry, anywhere in the world allowing procurement professionals to turn data-driven insights into actionable results. Peopleticker is offering SIG members $10,000 worth of benefits including the following:

  • 10% discount on all annual subscriptions
  • Software test drives
  • Complimentary one hour consulting session with Peopleticker procurement/staffing experts including five rate searches
  • SkillsVillage membership — online community of international professionals in procurement, HR, and staffing

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