Boston SIGnature Event - Talent Focused

November 09, 2017

Iron Mountain
One Federal Street
7th Floor
Bosont, MA 02110

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Morning Agenda

8:00 - Delegate Breakfast

8:45 - Live Peer2Peer/Grand Roundtable facilitated by Bruce Morton, Head of Innovation, Allegis Global Solutions


10:15 - CPO Keynote Presentation: Talent, The Foundation of Success by Linda Behan, CPO, Iron Mountain

11:15 - Effective Workforce Strategy for the New World of Work by Bruce Morton, Head of Innovation, Allegis Global Solutions

Afternoon Agenda


1:00 - Roundtable Breakout Sessions (Each Delegate will attend 2-3 roundtable discussions). Topics include:

  • How to Improve and Drive Efficiency in the Procurement Process.
  • What is the Best Way to Optimize Your Supply Chain Management?
  • Leading the Work: How are Companies Rethinking the Way Work Gets Done?

2:15 - The Growth of the Labor Market; A Future Look into the Northeast-Market Workforce by Jessi Guenther, Executive Director of SIGMA, Allegis Global Solutions

3:05 - Driving Productivity Through Competency Allignment by Mark Pollack, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer, SIG

4:00 - Closing Discussion and Wrap-up

4:30 - Adjourn


CPO Keynote Presentation by Linda Behan, Iron Mountain

Global Procurement organizations struggle to attract and retain high caliber resources.  Over the course of Linda’s thirty-year career she has successfully led multiple sourcing and organization transformations which includes business case development to justify resources, organization and investment construct/strategy to maximize return.  These efforts have attracted and retained top talent that deliver world-class results.   During her keynote, she will share insights on the following:

  • Organizational Strategy and Business Case Development
  • Investment strategy to include self-funding options
  • Performance Management Process – measuring the right stuff
  • Leadership that maximizes results and retains a team

Linda Behan

Senior Vice President, Global Procurement
Iron Mountain

Linda joined Iron Mountain in January of 2012 as the SVP Global Procurement.   Iron Mountain provides Records and Information Management services, Data Backup and Recovery Services, Document Management Solutions, and Secure Shredding Services to over 150,000 clients in 36 countries (5 continents).  In her role as Head of Global Procurement, Linda is responsible for leading all global sourcing/procurement change management activities as well as for managing a team of 40+ associates who oversee global direct/indirect spend of approximately $1.0 billion annually.

Prior to joining Iron Mountain Linda led Sourcing and Procurement transformations in the financial services industry (Fidelity Investments, State Street, Credit Suisse) and the technology industry (Nuance Communications) with spend under management ranging from $1 - $4 Billion annually.  At these organizations she was responsible for creating world-class supply chain functions, re-inventing organizations with a focus on increasing influence both internally and externally, upgrading organizational talent, presenting and executing strategic insights, up-scaling technology and information reporting, driving communications and alignment across all company functions (including sales, operations, product development, technology, finance, legal, real estate, security, and marketing)  while delivering significant total cost improvement.

Linda holds a BS in Business Administration, summa cum laude, from Northeastern University.  She is a past board member of the Sourcing Interest Group and a member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.  Her accomplishments with the Iron Mountain organizational transformation were recently featured in Supply Chain World Magazine, Spring 2014.   Her current passion is in improving the reputation of procurement organizations both internally and externally, and with this objective she recently presented “Why Procurement Has a Bad Rap and What We Can Do About It” at the Global Sourcing Interest Group forum, Spring 2015.


Effective Workforce Strategy for the New World of Work

Bruce Morton

Global Head of Innovation
Allegis Global Solutions

As a distinguished thought leader and global innovator, Bruce Morton has over three decades of experience within the human capital and workforce management industry. Throughout this time he has seen a massive shift in the way organizations manage their greatest asset: people.

 As a sought after and renowned international speaker, Bruce has stimulated audiences across Europe, US and Asia with his fresh and innovative approach to acquiring top talent. Bruce shares his in-depth knowledge on recruitment and retention with new age media on a global scale. He has designed, implemented and managed some of the largest resourcing solutions across many different parts of the globe, saving companies millions of dollars while securing the very best talent.

 In his current role, Bruce serves as Global Head of Innovation for Allegis Global Solutions. He was promoted from Chief Marketing Officer in January 2013. The Innovation team leads and champions ‘enterprise innovation’ efforts across Allegis Global Solutions. The function embodies the whole process of innovation: from new services and product idea generation, sales presentations, internal and external evangelism, digital and social media strategies, lead generation and face to the industry through conferences and speaking engagements. 

 Prior to his role at Allegis Global Solutions, Bruce owned e3 Unlimited, a talent acquisition and development organization managing a breadth of staffing-related needs for global companies.

 Bruce’s latest innovation is that of a dynamic integrated technology platform that, for the first time, integrates top-of-class digital recruitment technologies that create engaged living talent communities; diverging from traditional static methodologies. Bruce was recognized as Thought Leader of the Year at the 2013 European HRO 'Be Transformed' Awards, and again as Thought Leader of the Year at the 2014 North American HRO Today Forum.

The Growth of the Northeast Labor Market: A Future Look into the Workforce

The workforce is consistently evolving.  Join our session to learn about the labor trends within the northeast labor market.  We will specifically focus on insights we’ve gained on the growth of mid-market organizations in the way they are acquiring talent. 

Jessi Guenther

Executive Director
SIGMA, Allegis Global Solutions

With more than 20 years of talent acquisition and recruitment industry experience, Jessi Guenther serves as the executive director of SIGMA, Allegis Global Solutions’ (AGS) purpose-built solution for the small to mid-sized managed services provider (MSP) market. 
Jessi started her journey with Allegis Group in 1997 as a recruiter for our affiliate company, Aerotek. After holding a number of roles in recruiting, management, and organizational development, she transferred to AGS in 2004 as a program director to implement and manage a portfolio of MSP clients in Milwaukee, WI. In 2008, Jessi was asked to move to Seattle to build and manage one of the most complex MSP clients in the AGS portfolio, while helping expand the business from the US into Canada, Europe, and India. She relocated to London, England in 2012 to take on the role of Executive Director of the EMEA region where she was responsible for driving the strategic direction of our operations in that region. Over the next 4 years, she established the foundation of our MSP business in Europe creating opportunity for our talent and our business. She recently relocated to our corporate offices in Hanover, MD where she now leads our newest MSP product line, SIGMA.

 In addition to her numerous business roles at AGS, Jessi is one of the founding members of Allegis Group’s Diversity and Inclusion council, and an advocate and spokesperson for women in leadership.

Driving Productivity Through Competency Alignment

Business needs change and skill sets have to keep up. But how do you know if you are making the right changes and developing the correct skills as roles and responsibilities grow? And how do organizations transition from job-centered to people-centered as routine tasks shift to knowledge-based work? Enter the ideas of competency mapping, skills assessment and 360-degree feedback. Each of these can help you fill any gaps by developing your talent holistically and completely.

During our time together, Mark will introduce the concept of competencies and how they differ from skills, he will discuss competency mapping in the workplace, demonstrate a competency card sort and share some immediate implementable tools and techniques. These tools will include attracting, on-boarding, developing, and retaining top-talent.

Mark Pollack

Chief Strategy and Operations Officer
Sourcing Industry Group

Mark C. Pollack, MM, is the Chief Strategy and Operations Officer of Sourcing Industry Group, the premier global sourcing association that provides thought leadership and networking opportunities to executives in sourcing, procurement, outsourcing, shared services and global business services from Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies. 

Mark also heads SIG University, a revolutionary new eLearning and live training credentialing program that quickly increases the skills of your sourcing, governance and procurement teams. Before joining SIG, Mark spent the last 20 years in adult higher education, employee development/training, executive mentor-ship, and sales & operations leadership. 

Mark is certified under Korn Ferry's Leadership Architect, Korn Ferry's 360 Assessment Facilitation and Interpretation, Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership, Stephan Covey’s Speed of Trust, University of Phoenix’s Executive Development Program and is a graduate of Sandler’s Sales Institute, Outsell Consulting and Innovators Accelerator. Additionally, Mark has earned his Masters of Management and has owned and successfully operated numerous businesses.

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